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About Me


I started my journey of discovering acupuncture by being a patient. After a year + of treatments and results I could not resolve with western standardized treatments, I realized this was special. Being a part of a medical community that looks at the individual as a whole, and treats as such was something I wanted to be a part of. Having customized treatment protocols to reach each individuals needs and goals to improve quality of life.

After 4 Years of a Masters program at Yo San University, I completed an Internship at Venice Family Clinic in Santa Monica where I worked with low income Chronic Pain patients, Blount Community Clinic specializing in Fertility, and a Fellowship program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

I opened my private practice in Los Angeles in Oct 2016, and added the Newport Beach location in July 2017.

I am currently working on a line of products that will be essential oil blends with herbal complements and some with the healing properties of CBD, that will be available by 2019.